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Our First Guinea Fowl

Page 7

Keets at 26 Days Old

One Keet is jumping with its wings spread. There is a keet sitting in hay and two others are walking to the left

Look at the wing span at 26 days old.

One Keet has its wings open and is trying to fly. Four keets are looking at a mirror. A Keet is laying in hay. Three keets are pecking at the ground. The Last keet is just standing around

Keet Flying

A keet is perched on the food dispenser. In the background, the rest of the keets are standing in the hay. There is a keet on top of the food dispenser. The rest of the keets are staring at the wood around them. One of them is pecking at it.

The keets love to peck at the wood looking for little bugs to eat.

A keet is standing on top of a silver food dispenser while 3 keets peck at the food below. There are other keets standing in front of a wooden wall The keets are looking at the wood in the new coop
Three keets are drinking out of a water dispenser.

Time for a drink