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The Turkeys

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An all white cat is laying in a coop in front of a large turkey.

Kung Fu Kitty at about 9 months old with Wendy Lou the turkey at about 6 1/2 years old.

Close up - Two baby turkeys in hay and moving towards a white feed bowl and a red water dish Close Up - Two baby turkeys sitting in hay in front of a white bowl with feed and a red water dish

Wally and Wendy at about one week old

Two baby turkeys standing at the edge of a cage. One is looking back and one is looking out of the cage A baby turkey is standing on top of the food bowl with another young turkey eating out of it

Wally and Wendy at about 3 weeks of age

Two young turkeys are standing in a field with a fence behind them.

Wally and Wendy at about 1½ months old

Close Up upper body shot - A young female turkey next a lot of green weeds.


C;ose Up  head shot -  The Face of a young male turkey in front of a wire fence


Maguire Farm Turkeys 1

Maguire Farm Turkeys 2

Maguire Farm Turkeys 3

Wally's Feed Bag Obsession