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The Ferret

Close Up - A black, tan and white ferret is laying in dirt looking to the left. It has a brown leather collar on

This little girl was found along the road near the Conchester Highway. Stephen saw it on the road and put it in his truck. Despite our efforts, its owners were no where to be found. We found the ferret a wonderful home. She lives with her new family along with a dog, cat, turtle and a parakeet. She stays in a two story ferret cage and gets to run around the human house often. Her name is now Cheerio.

A ferret is standing in an empty wooden box attached to a wall in a barn A ferret is eating cat food out of a food dish with a ceramic water bowl next to it that says 'good cat' written in black letters on the bottom of the bowl on a wooden shelf inside of a barn stall. A ferret begins to explore the dirt area around the chicken coop stall