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The Goats

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There is a black goat and a white with black goat eating a pile of spaghetti in snow

Sweet-Pea and Billy-Bob eating spaghetti and loving every slurp.

A white and black goat is leading two other black goats out of a barn and through a path in the deep snow

Molly with twin kids Butternut and Frosty - The goats are not too keen with the 20 inches of snow that fell.

Four goats are standing outside in snow near a fence and in front of two barn-red lean-to shelters. A blue-nose American Pit Bull Terrier is looking through a gate at the goats
A white and black goat and two other goats are standing on a tin roof of an old stone spring house

Goats love to climb. If they can get up onto the roof, they will (this includes cars). This photo shows a mom goat and her two kids on a springhouse roof.

A white and black goat, a black goat, and a gray goat are standing on the tin roof of a springhouse

Goats on the springhouse roof

A white with a blue tinted goat is standing in an area that is fenced off. There is a wooden enclosure for the goat to sleep

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