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The Goats

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Close Up - A brown and white goat looking up. It looks like it is smiling. There is a black goat behind it next to an up-side down metal tub. There is a white dog next to them.


A Great Pyrenees dog and four goats. A black goat is eating out of a silver dish. Another black goat is behind the dog. A brown and white goat is standing in front next to a large tree.

Goats with Tundra, their Great Pyrenees guardian

A black with white goat is laying in hay in a barn stall in front of a stone wall next to a brown with black and white kid goat.

This mom and her babies visited the Maguire Farm for a day before moving back to the Hambee Farm.

Two Brown with Black and White Billys are laying in the corner of a barn

The Goats - 1

The Goats - 2

The Goats - 3

The Goats - 4

The Goats - 5

The Goats - 6

The Goats - 7

The Goats - 8

The Goats - 9

The Goats - 10