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The Goats

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Two black and white and two black kid goats are standing in a barn stall full of hay. There is a plastic tan bucket of water in the top left corner. There is a black and white goat standing against the wood stall wall.

Molly and her 4 one-day-old kids
3 boys and one girl

The Whole Family

(Left to Right) Daryl, Billy-Bob, Mary-Sue, Jim-Bob and Molly the mom

A black and white kid goat is standing under its mother who is also black and white. They are in a barn stall lined with fresh hay.

Molly and Billy-Bob

A black and white kid goat is standing in the feed bowl with two other black kids standing and laying down behind it.

Jim-Bob in the bowl, Daryl standing behind him and Mary-Sue laying in the back

A black kid goat is standing in the feed bowl. Two other babies are laying down next to it. The mother goat is off to the top left side of the picture.

Daryl in the bowl, Mary-Sue and Jim-Bob laying down

The Goats - 1

The Goats - 2

The Goats - 3

The Goats - 4

The Goats - 5

The Goats - 6

The Goats - 7

The Goats - 8

The Goats - 9

The Goats - 10