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The Goat

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A black and white mother goat with her four kids. One black kid is standing on a tree stump with its back legs on the stump and its front legs on the mom's back. The other three are running up a small hill to the mother. They are all next to a red barn. There is a red dog ouse in the background.

Mary-Sue's Ride on Mommy's back trick!

A black and white mother goat with her four kids. One of the black kid goats is standing on top of its mother. The other three are in front of the mother. They are next to a red barn on the side of a small hill.

This is fun!

A little girl with long brown hair wearing blue and white is feeding a kid goat milk in a bottle. There is another girl in pink boots standing on a black tarp next to them. There is extra milk in a container sitting on the ground next to the child and a plastic maroon bowl in the distance.

Sara's friend Katie feeding Mary-Sue

A 5-year-old blonde-haired girl in pink boots is feeding a bottle of milk to little black kid goat.

Sara feeding Mary-Sue

A 9-year-old blonde-haired girl in a blue jacket is kneeling down with a black goat in her lap feeding the kid goat a bottle of milk. There is a white and glack kid goat in front of her. They are outside in front of a red barn. There is a third baby goat in the distance.

Amie feeding the goats

The Goats - 1

The Goats - 2

The Goats - 3

The Goats - 4

The Goats - 5

The Goats - 6

The Goats - 7

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The Goats - 9

The Goats - 10