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The Springhouse

Front view of the old stone springhouse. There is a red chicken coop behind it.

From what we hear, the springhouse used to have a second floor. When the second floor fell in, the springhouse was repaired minus the second floor. We often think about adding the second floor back.

An open window and door of an old stone springhouse. There is a white farm house behind it.

The Springhouse in 2004

An old stone spring house showing an open doorway and two open windows. Just up the hill from it is an old white farm house.

The Springhouse in 2004

The tin rroof of the springhouse with a split rail fence and an in-ground swimming pool in the background Inside View of the Springhouse. There is a pool of water in it

Inside the springhouse there are two rooms. The first room is full of water. There are a few very large bullfrogs living in here.

The water inside of the old stone springhouse
The inside of an old stone springhouse with water inside of it. There is a light next to the doorway. Six gold fish swimming around in the springhouse water

Fish that were living in the spring house

The inside of an old stone spring house showing the lights on the ceiling. It has two rooms with water inside one of the rooms.

The second room has a dirt floor

The inside corner of a stone wall in the springhouse

This is a picture of the second room. We have since built a wood floor in this back room that runs out the door and along the front over the stream. I will have to get some pictures posted....

A blonde-haired girl in a green shirt is adding more fish to the springhouse

Amie adding more goldfish to the springhouse. There are already 4 large goldfish that have been living in there for about 3 years, and 5 more we had just added a few days before, which we had taken out of our tropical goldfish tank. They were feeder fish we had put into the tank to help the biofilter to get started. They served their purpose and are now retiring in the springhouse. Amie is adding 6 more feeder goldfish we bought from Petsmart.

A blonde-haired girl in a green shirt is sticking her hands into the water of a springhouse

After floating the bag for about an hour, Amie mixes some springhouse water in to help the fish adjust to their new environment.

A bullfrog is laying under water in the springhouse

A huge leopard bullfrog living in the springhouse. This bullfrog is about 6 inches long (15 cm)