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Bugs around the Farm ;-)

A red ant standing on a blue stripe of a pool floaty A Japanese Beetle on a green leaf

Japanese Beetle(Popillia Japonica)

A green Katydid bug on a John Deere Tractor


Lady Bug on a green leaf Lightening Bug in a finger

Lightning Bug

Lightening Bug in mid flight

Lightning Bug Flying

A white moth on a black trampoline


Close up - A green Praying Mantis Close up - a Praying Mantis with Cricket on its back on top of a green John Deere Tractor

Praying Mantis with a cricket on its back

praying mantis in the hand of a person a green and white Spider on a leaf Baby Wolf Spider on top of a blue pool cover

Baby Wolf Spider

Adult Wolf Spider on a white background

Adult Wolf Spider

Brown Stink Bug on a John Deere Tractor

Brown stink bug adult

Stink Bug and Praying Mantis on a John Deere tractor Stink Bug and Praying Mantis close up on a John Deere Tractor A long black with a red head weird bug Brown Carapillor brown and orange Butterfly White Furry Catapillor with a red head and black spots green Stick Worm blending with the weeds on the ground close up of a Locus close up of a jumping bug on a trampoline close up of a black house fly black fly with a pointy tail black and clear Dragonfly with two sets of wings Dragonfly on a green leaf Cricket on a white surface close up of a red Ant black and brown Spider