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The Herd

A herd of 12 goats and a 1 sheep are standing in a field

Billy-Bob, Jim-Bob, Molly, Mary-Sue, Darrel, Rieces, Grandmom Molly, Pieces, Peter, Blackie, Greg, Marsha and Krissy

The Goats are walking around a field. There is a white farm house with a wrap around stone porch in the distance in the background
A couple of the goats are laying in the field, the others are standing. There are several Goats looking at the camera holder. The Sheep is by itself off to the side. There is a white farm house in the distance.
The goats and a sheep are running across the feild. There is an old barn from the 1800s in the distance
Two black goats with white ears are standing next to two white Great Pyrenees dogs. They are looking through a wire fence.

Mary-Sue, Sweet-Pea, Tacoma, and Tundra

Eight goats are standing in a field in front of large tree stumps

Marsha, Peter, Greg, Molly, Jim-Bob, Billy-Bob and Darrel