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Meet Amie's Bearded Dragon named "Killer"

Bearded Dragons get to be about a foot long and live up to 10 years. Amie named him killer because he, or she, not sure yet what the case may be, munches these crickets down really fast!

Killer Eating Crickets

A bearded dragon is resting on a pile of rocks.
A young bearded dragon is standing on a rock structure under a heat lamp in a glass aquarium cage.

Killer as a baby

A young Bearded Dragon is standing on a large rock in a glass aquarium with black sand and tree branches next to it.

Killer as a baby

Close Up - A blonde haired girl with a red shirt on is kissing a young bearded dragon

Amie and Killer the baby Bearded Dragon

A glass aquarium tank with a bearded dragon lizard inside. There is a heat lamp on the left side, a large stick extending throughout, rock pools and a rock structure in it.

A typical bearded dragon set up. Heat lamp on one end and a UV light on the other. The UV lights gives out very little heat, therefore the end with the UV light will be the cooler end of the tank.

view from the top - A bearded dragon lizard on a rock bridge inside of a fish tank with black sand. Two human hands - Left hand has bearded dragon's shedded skin in it and the right hand has the lizard in it

Bearded Dragons shed their skin as they grow.

the bearded dragon lizard is standing partially on a rock bridge structure in a glass tank with black sand in it. Its mouth is open