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The Fireplace

A stone fireplace with photos on top of the mantel. There is a wooden This End Up bookshelf next to it. There is a lamp on the otherside

The Maguire Farm dates back to the 1800's. There were a couple of additions added onto the house in the 1950's and 1960's. One thing that is very odd is the fireplace. The size of the opening is very short and narrow compared to most other fireplaces. The flu of the fireplace is damaged, and needs to be replaced, however, due to the odd size, it cannot be repaired unless major mason work is done. Meaning the entire chimney would need to be rebuilt. Therefore we decided to get a wood burning stove insert. Since the size of the opening is very narrow and low to the ground, 19 x  34 inches and gets narrower towards the back, we were unable to find a wood burning stove insert small enough to fit the opening. The plan is to get a mason out here to cut the opening wider. Wide enough to insert a wood burning stove.

The opening of a fireplace with a wood rack inside of it There is a metal rack in the opening. There is a drop cloth on the floor to make sure lots of dirt doesn't get all over the place.

Wood burning stove insert going in.

The Stone over top of the fireplace opening is being chipped away. There is a drop cloth and tools all over the area.

They had to cut into the stone to make the opening larger in order for the stove to fit.

A black wood burning stove has been placed in the fireplace opening.

Wood Burning Stove Insert

There is a black tea pot on top of the newly inserted wood burning stove. There is a lit fire. The fireplace mantel has family pictures on it. There is a paiting of a farm house in the snow with a blue border above the mantel.

Wood Burning Stove Insert

A Fire is blazing in a wood burning stove

A Cozy Fire