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Things found on the Farm

An old Bottle on a wooden table with a blue wall behind it.

This old brown bottle reads... The Christian Brothers Of California 4/5 quart
Federal law forbids sale or re- use of this bottle

The bottle stands 10¼ inches high and is 12 inches around the base. The circumference of the gooseneck is 4½ inches around and narrows to 3½ inches at the top. The neck is 4½ inches tall.

Close Up - a brown bottle being held in the air showing the cork inside

Amazingly enough, it still has the cork in it!

There is a clear little jar on a wooden table outside on a porch. There is a person holding the jar

This little jar washed up from the ground in the stream that leaves the springhouse. It had rained a lot, and part of the jar was sticking out of the dirt. When I dug it out I was pleased to see the jar was perfectly in tact, not a chip in it.

Close Up - A 12 gauge shotgun shell on a wooden table. The Words - W-N 12 Gauge - are on the shell

This is a shell of a 12 gage shot gun, found buried in the dirt near the barn.

The Underside of the 12 gauge shotgun shell. It has a lot of dirt caked in it

Underside of the shot gun shell

Close Up - A Door Knocker laying on a stone porch. The Words - The Rowell's - are on it

This door knocker was found in the woods. Most likely, someone dumped a door in the woods and this is what was left after the door rotted. It says "The Rowell's" on the front and "Things Remembered" on the back. Does not appear to be all that old.

Close Up - The underside of a door knocker laying on a stone porch. Ther Words - Things Remembered Spain - are on the inside of the knocker
A Clay African Statue is on a stone porch. The Statue is of a person with there head and arms on the ground. Its legs are in the air. One of the feet are touching the head of the african statue

This clay African man was here when we moved in. It's pretty unique, so we kept it on the porch.