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The Goat

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A black mom goat with her three black kids. Two kids are nursing and the other is standing off to the side inside of a barn stall that has a white stone wall.

Meet Blackie's 3 Newborn Kids!

A black mother nanny goat with her three black kids inside of a barn stall lined with hay next to a white stone wall.

Blackie had her babies on the morning of December 19th 2003. I looked out into the field and noticed Tacoma inside the goat shelter Blackie usually stays in. Tundra walked over to Tacoma and Tacoma growled at Tundra and would not let him in the goat house. It was odd for Tacoma to be growling at Tundra. Knowing Blackie was due any day and Tacoma being in the shelter Blackie preferred to be in I knew something was up. I walked over to the gate and Tacoma did not come out of the house to greet me. I knew something was REALLY up! When I looked into the house there were 3 baby goats in there with Tacoma. Blackie, the mom goat, had gone off to eat breakfast. I am not sure how long Blackie was gone, but it was long enough for one of the kids to think Tacoma was her mommy. She was trying to nurse from Tacoma. Tacoma was keeping the goats warm until Blackie came back from eating, it was only 29 degrees outside. I needed to get the kids and Blackie to a separate stall. By this time Blackie had come back. I carried two of her kids to the stall. I had thought that if I carried her last baby and led Blackie on a lead she would come willingly. WRONG!! She did not want to leave the herd. I lured her out of the pasture and part way to the stall with her kid. HOWEVER, she decided she was getting too far from her flock.I needed feed to lure her the rest of the way, but I could not get to it. So what's one to do when they are stuck in the front yard holding a newborn kid and stubborn Mama by a lead who will not budge.... CALL STEPHEN and PIPER!! (Luckily I had the phone with me, I could not remember George's phone number without looking it up). I called Stephen at work and Piper was not home, but I left her a message. I kept trying and trying to get Blackie to walk. Seemed I would be there for quite a while. Just then Piper showed up, got the feed and we were on our way. Stephen showed up and we all got the goats settled in the stall.

A black mother nanny goat with her three black kids inside of a barn stall on hay. The mother has her head lowered to the babies. A black mother nanny goat with her three black kids inside of a barn stall on hay. Two black kids are drinking milk from the mother. The third black baby kid goat is looking forward. There is a metal bowl of feed behind them. The one wall in the stall is painted white stone and the other is wood.
A black mom goat with her two black kid goats inside of a barn stall that has a stone wall. There are two feed bowls inside of the stall. Two black kid goats standing and laying in hay. There is a black bucket and two silver metal feed bowls in the background. One of the goats has a white bandage around its back leg.

This little goat is named Sweet-Pea. We noticed one of her back hoofs turned under when she stood, making her stand on the top of her foot, rather than her hoof. At first I thought it was broken, but realized it wasn't. Piper helped me wrap the leg to help her stand on her hoof. She seems to be doing well. We plan to remove the tape in a couple of days to check her progress.

Close Up head shot - A white Great Pyrenees dog is in the foreground taking up half of the image. There are three black goats in the background. A mother and two kids.

Tacoma visiting the goats inside the stall.

2 Days Old

The Goats - 1

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