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The Goats

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A black baby goat is exploring the outside environment. There are three chickens around it and a grey and white cat  sitting in the dirt and looking towards the old stone foundation of a barn in the background

Brutus (8 days old) with the chickens

Three little black baby goats are standing next to a chainlink fence that has a John Deere mower behind it.

Brutus, Sweet-Pea and Popeye at 8 days old

Four goats outside, three black kid goats are laying around their mother, who is an adult black goat.

Blackie with her kids, who are 2 months old in this photo

A baby black goat is laying outside in a field. It has little horn stubs growing on top of its head.

Popeye at 2 months

A black baby kid goat is laying outside in a field

Brutus at 2 months

A black kid goat is eating a carrot on the groundd. Another black kid goat is laying down in the background. A white and gray cat is walking over to see what the goat is eating

Sweet-Pea at 2 months, eating a carrot as Little Lou comes over to investigate

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