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The Turkeys

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A male turkey is walking around outside and there is a flock of guinea fowl behind him

Wally is a very nosy turkey. He will follow you around always trying to see what you are doing. If I run, he runs squalling behind me on his awkward two legs. If I call his name he comes running to see what I want. However if I try to touch Wally on his back he cries and runs away, but next time I turn around he is right behind me again. I guess that is where the term "You are a turkey" came from. :) Wally is 2½ months old in this photo.

A young female turkey is standing around outside in a field and looking forward

Wendy is more reserved. She usually watches from a distance and somewhat follows, although I think she is more so following Wally than she is me. She will come to me just not as close as Wally and not as often. If I touch Wendy on her back she does not run away but tries to eat my ring. Maybe she thinks she is attacking it because it is touching her, who knows. If that is the case she is standing her ground and you could say she is braver than Wally. If I offer a treat to both Wally and Wendy, Wally comes immediately running and Wendy soon follows behind him. They love to eat out of the white millet container. It is hilarious to see a large turkey run. Wendy is 2½ months old in this photo.

A male turkey is pecking at a green bucket of feed next to a wire fence.

This is Wally checking out the bucket of duck feed I had just set down.

A Fluffy Male Turkey is facing the right. There is a black cat and a grey tiger cat walking towards each other and a girl with blonde hair kneeling in front of a stone wall behind it

Amie doing her turkey-call, which makes Wally fluff up his feathers, turns his face red and he Gobbles. (Wally is 3 months old in this photo)

Two fluffy turkeys are walking around in a field with a barn behind them.

Wally and Wendy all fluffed up
(Wally and Wendy are 3 months old in this photo)

A Male Turkey has its head tilted to the right. Its mouth is open a little. A female Turkey is walking behind it. There is a white and grey cat in the background sitting and watching the turkeys

Wally cocking his head at a noise I made
(Wally and Wendy are 3 months old in this photo)

Maguire Farm Turkeys 1

Maguire Farm Turkeys 2

Maguire Farm Turkeys 3