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Our First Guinea Fowl

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Guinea Hen Mom with Keets

This mom hen is one of our first original guineas

Close Up - A black and white mother guinea bird sitting on eggs. A number of Keets have already hatched and are peeking out from under her.

Guinea Hen Mom with her one day old keets. There are about 22 keets hiding under mom and more eggs which still may hatch.

About 10 baby keets are surrounding the guinea fowl mother, who is still sitting on the eggs

Keets at 2 days old with mom Guinea Hen

The guinea hen is walking around the coop and the keets are looking around the coop

Keets at 2 days old with mom Guinea Hen

Three adult guinea fowl are eatting out of a feed dispenser with a lot of baby keets all around them.

Keets at 8 days with 3 adult guineas

Close Up - Keets are walking across a coop and the adult guinea fowl are looking over them The adult guinea fowl and the baby keets are both pecking at the dirt floor of the coop.