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Our First Guinea Fowl

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Adult Guinea Fowl

Ten guinea fowl are perched on a wooden fence post. They are all looking down at the ground. There is a duck walking across the field under them

These adult Guineas decide to perch on the fence just outside the barn door.

Three Guineas are in a yard next to a brown and green cedar dog house. One bird is white, the other is light blue and the thrid is black and white. The guineas are marching in a line crossing the driveway turn around in front of a red Toyota pick-up truck. There is a large purple ball on the other side of them and a brown and green cedar shed in the distance.

Guinea Crossing

A flock of guinea fowl are in a yard, in front of a fence and pecking at the ground. There is a grey and white cat laying in the grass a few feet away from the birds.

Little Lou thinks he's hit the kitten-hunting Jack Pot!

A grey and white cat is getting closer to the guineas. The birds are not afraid of the cat. The birds are pecking at the ground to eat food. The cat is the same size as the birds.

Little Lou is about to make his move!

A grey and white cat is stalking the guineas as they are pecking the grassy ground.

He gets a closer look

A grey and white cat is laying in the grass and looking at the guineas who are moving away along a wooden split rail fence.

And decides to let the poor birds live, just for today