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Our First Guinea Fowl

Page 11

Guinea 8 Weeks

Time to Free Range!

Eight Guineas are sitting on top of the wooden door of a stall in side of a coop.

Now eight brave guineas perch on the door!

Eight guineas are sitting on top of a wooden door with some guinea fowl still in a coop behind them. Three cats are waiting for the guineas to jump down.

While the cats linger below

Eight guineas are hanging over the edge, looking at the ground from on top of the wooden door

And the guineas check out the cats

Six guinea fowl are on the outside of the coop. There is a black with white cat laying in the hay. There are a couple birds still in the coop

Six of the eight guineas decide to venture on down outside their coop into the barn, while two guineas decide to go back into the safety of the coop.

Five guinea fowls are eating out of a person's hand. One bird is light blue, two are white and two are black and white.

The guineas outside the coop get a tasty treat of white millet.

Four cats are laying in hay with cat food bowls around them. There are five guineas on the outside of the coop staying close to the coop door. There are more guineas still inside of the coop.

The cats do not pay too much attention to the guineas.

Five guineas are near each other in front of the coop door. There are guineas standing in front of a wire mesh coop wall. There are three cats in hay Three guinea fowl are standing against the wire mesh. Two guineas are still on the inside of the coop

After a few hours the guineas try to get back into the coop by walking THOUGH the chicken wire. They seem to have forgotten that they flew out though the open top stall door. One by one I put them back on top of the door to jog their little memories. They will hopefully soon figure out how to get in and out. It will only take one guinea to figure it out because they all seem to copy each other.