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Horses at the Maguire Farm

Action shot - A blonde-haired girl is riding a dark brown horse through a field

This is Scooter a 9 year old Appendix horse who is in the process of being trained to barrel race. Visit Scooter's page featured on!

Close up - The mane and head of a brown horse who is inside of a round pen in a grassy field A brown and white paint pony is trotting in a field

Jazzmine is a paint pony who is retired and currently around thirty-one years of age. She is a happy and healthy little pony with slight signs of arthritis in her knees due to old age. Visit Jazzmine's page featured on!

A girl in a pink shirt is riding a brown and white paint pony inside of a ring that has a white fence around it A brown with white horse is standing in dirt in front of a red lean-to with a brown and white paint pony in the distance.

Jack is a Quarter horse from mexico. He is currently retired at the ripe old age of twenty-five. Visit Jack's page featured on!

A blonde-haired girl in a pink shirt is on her phone while on top of a tacked up brown with white horse. The back end of a tan horse is in the image