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The Horses

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Six horses are grazing in grass in a front yard. There is a white camper, a white Toyota pick-up truck and a black Toyota Land Cruiser and a red barn in the background

One morning the dogs started barking so I looked out the window to see who was here. To my surprise all of the horses, which were supposed to be in the next field over were in my front yard! A section of the horse pasture fence had been knocked down. Stephen went out and shut the driveway gate so they could not get up to the road while I called the owners of the horses.

Six Horses are grazing in a front yard next to a split rail fence. There is a red barn, a camper, a Toyota pick-up truck and a Toyota Land Cruiser behind them. Four horses are grazing in a front yard next to a white camper, a white Toyota pick-up truck and a black Toyota Land Cruiser. The vehicles are parked in front of a red barn. One of the horses is looking towards the camera.
Three horses in a front yard. There are two horses grazing in front of a trampoline and next to a wooden shed and one horse grazing in a small island area in a wrap around driveway Two horses are grazing in a yard and there is a wooden split rail fence, an old spring house, a 300 year old white oak tree and a white pool shed behind them
Two Horses are grazing in a yard with a red barn, black Toyota Land Cruiser, a white RV camper and a Toyota pick-up truck behind them. A metal tin roof that is behind a fence and there are three red storage sheds and an RV camper in the background

When one of the horses decided to get up onto the barn roof, which is ground level at this end, we decided it was time to herd the horses into the goat field.

A bent metal tin roof

We were lucky the roof did not brake through. Two supporting boards under the tin snapped. The roof was not meant to hold 1000 pounds!

Five horses are behind a fence running through a field

Being in a new field the horses felt the need to run the fence line, and boy did they run!

A herd of horses far away in a feild standing at the treeline

The owner of the horses showed up and got them all back to the upper field where the lamas are kept. The horse field fence will have to be repaired before the horses can be put back in their own pasture.

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