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The Horses

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A brown horse with a white triangular spot on its forhead is being led across a black top. There is a tan with white cat sitting on the blacktop and a red barn in the background

Zoey the Quarter Horse. Zoey the horse has been sold

A Blonde haired girl in a Blue shirt is standing next to a brown with white horse. She has her hand out and the horse is moving its head near the hand

Amie and Zoey. Doesn't Zoey have dreamy eyes...

A brown with white horse is standing on a black top surface and there is a black with white cat sitting on its back. A blonde haired girl is standing in front of the brown white horse. There is a white and grown paint pony behind the horse

Amie Jack and Jazzmine. Notice Sylvester the cat on Jack's back. What a good horse. He does not care in the least.

Two brown with white horses are standing near a metal hay bin with hay in it. There is a brown and white pony in the background

Zoey, Jack and Jazzmine. Notice how Jazzmine the paint pony is walking away. She is very upset that Zoey showed up. This pic was taken right after we bought Zoey home. Jazzmine was still adjusting.

There are two brown with white horses eating grass and the other is looking forward. The brown and white paint pony is just watching

Jazzmin, Jack and Zoey grazing in the field.

The two brown with white horses are laying down in a field with a brown and white paint pony standing behind them

The horses laying down. Zoey, Jack and Jazzmine.

Two brown with white horses are laying near a fence with a brown and white paint pony laying in the middle

Jack, Jazzmine and Zoey laying down. This pic was taken a few days after we brought Zoey home. Jazzmine was just getting used to the idea of having to share Jack. Notice how Zoey is laying further away. That is the closet Jazz would allow Zoey to be near Jack. Possessive Pony!

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