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Rescuing Sprite the Parakeet

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Click and Sprite

A blue with black and white and a green and yellow with black parakeet are standing on a wooden perch in a cage. There are bells and ropes hanging all around

Click and Sprite enjoy each others companionship and get along great! In the mornings they seem to watch the sun rise throw the window on their perch.

A white bird cage with a lot of toys in it on the ledge of a bay window with a blue with black and white and A green and yellow with black parakeet who are standing on a wooden perch.

Every day my mom talks to the birds and puts her hand in their cage and keeps it there to get them used to it. She is showing them her hand is nothing to be afraid of. You can not force your birds to like you. You have to take it slow. She keeps it there for a few minutes whether they fly around or not and is careful not to make any sudden moves. All a while she is talking to them. That is how they will be trained and learn to calm down. You can't react of they go after your hand and you have to hold your post because if you pull out you could scare them or teach them that swooping after you will you go away. If they think you are scary they may want you to go away. You have to move slow, talk sweet and have patience.

Close Up - A blue with black and white parakeet is holding on to the side of the cage in front of a window.

Click is more skittish about us being around and if we open the cage he will fly to the back. Over time he will get used to humans but for now we do not try and catch or touch him.

A green and yellow with black parakeet is standing on a wooden perch.

Sprite on the other hand is very calm. He is not as skittish and will simply move away from our hands but does not fly away to a different perch. The two parakeets seem to balance each other out very nicely.

No Dogs Allowed!

Bruno the boxer and Spencer the pit bull are not allowed to mess with the birds. When the birds were first brought home, Bruno was curious about the new animals. We let him know that they were not for him to play with. The birds became higher up in the pack than Bruno and Spencer.

A brown brindle Boxer dog is looking up at a bird cage with a green and yellow with black parakeet inside of it. A blue-nose brindle pit bull terrier dog is walking past the white bird cage on the sill of a bay window.

Unlike Bruno who is curious about everything Spencer wanted nothing to do with the birds. He knew when Bruno was told to stay back that he better stay back as well. In fact to get this picture above I had to call Spencer over and make him stand there. Notice that Bruno is looking right at the birds but Spencer is avoiding them. Spencer is very submissive and quickly accepted that the birds are off limits.