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The Ducks

Page 6 (the Ducklings)

Six ducklings are crowded into the corner of a cage.

2 weeks
If you look closely you will see their feathers starting to come in.

A person is holding two ducklings. Their left hand is holding a duckling that is 1 day old. Their right hand is holding a duckling that is 17 days old. The difference in size in a short time is inspiring. The smaller duckling is about 2 and a half inches and the older duckling is about a 18 inches.

Ducklings grow amazingly fast!
Left- 1 day old duckling, Right- 17 day old duckling

The ducklings as adults are mixed with the other ducks. They are outside next to an old stone springhouse

The Ducklings Grew Up!

All the ducks in a fenced off area that has a stream that leaves the springhouse to a small pond with tall grass around it.

Duck Land

A number of ducks are standing on the land area of Duckland. There is a small pond at the end of the stream that is going through duckland

A closer look inside Duck Land. Duck Land is right off of the spring house. A natural stream of water runs through it.

A Couple of ducks are swimming in the pond. A lot of the ducks are just exploring the area

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