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The Ducks

Laying Eggs
Page 2 (the Ducklings)

A nest of 9 light green duck eggs on the ground next to a barn.

We were very surprised to find a bunch of duck eggs out next to the barn so late in the season. The ducks had started laying an egg or two a day and were not sitting on them. I decided to get an incubator.

Nine duck eggs are in a white incubator

Five day later the incubator arrives and the first batch of eggs are placed in it.

There are 12 eggs in an open incubator. One egg has a crack in the top of it

28 days later - to my surprise, I notice the eggs are starting to hatch!

Light green eggs in an incubator. Two of them are beginning to hatch Two Eggs are hatching out of an incubator. You can see the baby ducks popping out of the eggs.
Two baby ducks are beginning to come out of their shells One duckling is 50% out of the egg. The egg next to it has a little bit of the duck showing.
Both ducklings are free from there shells Two Empty Egg shells with duck slime in them.

What's left after the ducklings comes out of the egg

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