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The Ducks

Page 4 (the Ducklings)

A wet duckling is on a paper towel in an incubator as it begins to come out of one of the eggs Seven ducklings are standing on a paper towel in a cage and there is a food dispenser behind them

The ducklings started off in a cardboard box. It was quickly discovered they were too messy with the water to live in a cardboard box.

Three ducklings are beginning to eat the food out of a dispenser inside of a cage

In just 5 days the ducklings grow from this...

There are Six Ducklings in the background and there is one that is being held up in the air in the hands of a person

to this!

Seven Ducklings are standing at the edge of paper towel. On the other side there is a water dispenser and a food dispenser across from each other Seven ducklings on a paper towel in a cage

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