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Allie the Boxer

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Boxer Puppies...
They'll take all the love and attention they can get!

A Blonde Girl is sitting in front of a couch and A Tan Boxer Puppy is trying to get at a plush bear doll in her hands
A Blonde Girl is sitting in a doorway and A Tan Boxer Puppy is laying in her lap
A Blonde Girl is holding tan Boxer puppy close to her and in the air
A girl in a maroon shirt is holding a fawn Boxer puppy in the air and next to her body
A Girl in a marron shirt is holding up fawn Boxer puppy looking down at it
A Blonde haired girl and a maroon shirt girl are laying on a floor and fawn Boxer dog is in the arms of the girl in the maroon shirt.
Close Up - Blonde haired girl, maroon shirt birl and fawn Boxer puppy are sleeping next to each other on a hardwood floor

This boxer pup may look calm, but take a look at the next photo.

Notice the Bulldog playing with the child? But what's that in the background?

A white Bulldog is having a tug of war with blonde-haired girl. A fawm Boxer puppy is running across a hardwood floor in the background

It's that Boxer pup!
The secrets out!
She's a WILD ONE!

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