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Around the Farm

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A paved driveway turnaround with an island that has a big tree in the middle. There is a basketbal rim next to the driveway, a trampoline on the field adjacent to the driveway, a brown cedar shed, a red barn, a 1996 black Toyota Land Cruiser and a white RV camper. A very long driveway with a tree line on each side. There is a fawn boxer dog walking down it.

Looking up the driveway

A John Deere 5065E Compact Tractor and Front End Loader with MX-7 cutting deck is parked behind a classic red barn

Barn close to house

llamas and horses in a field. There is a metal tub of water near a fence

Horses and lamas at upper barn

llamas and a pony are standing in a field in front of a fence

Horses and lamas at upper barn

A blonde-haired girl in a lime green shirt is standing on a tree stump. She is making a face with a finger at the edge of each side of her mouth and pulling it down while sticking her tongue out.

Sara being silly

A blonde-haired girl is sitting on a blue towel with 5  cats on it. A white Great Pyrenees dog is putting his head onto the girls chest and the girl has her arm on the dog's back.

Amie and Friends

Three blonde-haired girls are standing in a field with a herd of goats, one sheep and a fawn boxer dog.

Amie, Sara, Katie and Allie with goats and sheep