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The Chickens

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Well we didn't think those little banty roosters had it in them since they are so much smaller than the road island red hens, however, we decided to let one of the hens lay on some eggs AND...! One little chick hatched. The chicks name is Peepers. Only time will tell if little Peepers is a hen or a rooster and what color it will turn out to be.

A hen is laying on eggs in a barn

Peepers at one day old with mama hen; born 8-4-05. The other eggs became very stinky and it was apparent that only Peepers was going to hatch. (notice Peepers in moms wing)

A Red Hen is standing in a pen with Hay all over the bottom. There is a white chick running next to it

Mom and Peepers stick together like glue

A Red Hen is walking on Hay and there is a chick behind it
A red hen is laying on hay next to a chick in a cage
Red hen is laying in hay next to a white chick

Peepers at 11 days old with Mama Hen

A red hen is laying in hay and a chick is walking around the hen
A white chick is walking across hay in a pen

Peepers at about 1 month old

A red hen is next to a chick at the corner of a pen. There are other hens on the other side of a pen
Veiw from the top looking down - A Red hen is next to a chick. They are looking down at and eating a cracked egg

Mama Chicken and Peepers enjoying an egg

The backside of a red hen and a white chick are in the air as they eat a raw egg off of the bottom of a cage.