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The Sheep

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Meet Fargo the lamb

A mother sheep standing with her baby lamb next to a white stone wall in a barn stall A mother sheep is standing next to a stone wall. There is a baby lamb under her eating out of a metal bowl

Krissy and her new baby Fargo

Close Up head shot - baby lamb laying down in hay inside of a stone barn stall.

Fargo one day old

A sheep is standing in front of a stone wall looking back to see what is behind her


A mother sheep is putting her head on the back of a little lamb who is next to her

Krissy and Fargo

Close Up - The face of an adult sheep inside of a barn stall


A Baby Lamb standing in a field in front of a tin roof of a spring house

Fargo at about 3 weeks

A Baby lamb is eating grass in a yard with his mother eating grass next to him. There is a stone spring house with a tin roof, a split rail fence and a swimming pool behind them.

Fargo the kid and his mother Krissy

A Sheered Lamb is standing in a barn. A Baby Lamb is laying against a wall. All of the wool is in a pile next to them

Krissy just sheered. Notice the pile of wool  next to her. Her baby lamb, Fargo, is laying against the cool stone wall of the barn. Jeff and Piper came over and Jeff sheered her with dog clippers, while Piper and I assisted in holding her down and oiling up the clippers. Jeff's grandfather used to have a sheep farm. Jeff also docked Fargo's tail right out in the yard a few months back! That was a sight! I spared everyone that site by not posting it

A Sheered Lamb is standing in front of a silver bowl. There is a white Great Pyrenees in front of a barn behind her. The dog's mouth is open and his tongue is out

Krissy freshly sheered with Taco the Great Pyrenees in the back. Right after Krissy was sheered Taco barked at her, not quite sure what she was. It was not until Taco walked up and smelled her did she realize it was just Krissy!

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