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Dog Stories - Henry comes to the Maguire Farm

The fight - Bad girl Allie....

A fawn Boxer dog is laying in a yard. A brown brindle Boxer dog is sitting in front of her. There is a yellow Labrador Retriever standing in front of then.

Bruno the Boxer and Henry the Yellow Labrador Retriever are thinking about playing.

A brown brindle Boxer dog and the yellow Labrador are face to face. A fawn Boxer dog is laying in the grass in the background

Notice Allie watching from a distance.

The yellow Labrador is play bowing at the brown brindle Boxer dog who has one of his paws in the air. They are both ready to play. The fawn Boxer dog is laying back and watching

Bruno and Henry are in play mode, Allie is watching

The yellow Labrador is running around the brown brindle Boxer. The fawn Boxer dog is in the background watching.

Look at Allie to the far left. Check out her face. Bruno and Henry are clearly playing... Allie, well she is coming over to stop it.

The yellow Labrador is playing with the brown brindle Boxer. The fawn Boxer dog is running in-between them

Bruno and Henry are playing, but Allie is going in-between them. I don't think there is any play about Allie.

The fawn Boxer is looking at the yellow Labrador who is next to the brown brindle Boxer

Look at Allie's eyes. She's eyeing Henry up. Henry just noticed. This is where the mood is changing.

The brown brindle Boxer Dog is jumping in the air at the yellow Labrador. The fawn Boxer is moving in looking down at the Lab's neck

Bruno still tries to play, at this point the hair on Henry's back is up because he knows what Allie is thinking. Look at Allie eyeing Henry the Lab.

The fawn Boxer is on one side of the yellow Labrador. The brown brindle Boxer dog has his head resting on the yellow Labrador's back

This was the last picture taken, because the next second there was a fight. Allie and Henry got into it and Bruno joined in. We had to break it up. Once they started playing we had not expected there to be a sudden fight. This all happened in a matter of seconds. The pictures were taken one after another. We did not realize who started the fight until we went back and carefully looked at the pictures. Allie, I think we should have left you inside the house!

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